Simple. Powerful. Managed WordPress Hosting.

$17 / month

Things you can do with nelson.HOST...

Sell Your Stuff

Whether it’s a product or a service, you can sell it on a nelson.HOST website. Use the premium plugins we have available or any WordPress ecommerce plugin.


Tell Your Story

Have you been looking for the perfect platform to tell your story? You can stop now. Combine the powers of WordPress, social media, and nelson.HOST to spread your message directly to your audience.

Capture Business Leads

If you are in a business that is dependent on capturing leads from potential customers or clients, then use our tools to grow your business.

Organize A Community

WordPress + BuddyPress + nelson.HOST is a perfect formula for organizing your community. 


Solidify Online Presence

Choose your favorite theme. Your site will come loaded with Divi, Genesis, and Upfront and most of their child themes and variations. If you want one that’s not pre-loaded, just ask!

Host Videos

Are you tired of looking for reliable, unbranded video hosting? You’ve found it. Simply upload your video and we’ll give you the link to embed wherever you like!  

Reasons to choose nelson.HOST...

Security First

With data breaches and hacker threats as common as they are, security HAS to come standard with every website. Every paid nelson.HOST site uses the strongest SSL/TLS encryption for everything to keep private data private. And we employ top notch security tools to stop hackers in their tracks.

21 Day Free Trial


There’s absolutely no risk associated with trying nelson.HOST. We launch your site for free and you get to test out ALL of the bells and whistles for 21 days. If you like it, pay your invoice. If you don’t like it, do nothing and we’ll part as friends. 

Delightful Support

Our goal is for you to be delighted with every support experience. We’re experts at running WordPress sites and finding ways to make your goals a reality using the Internet.

We Manage – You Control

It’s your website, so within the confines of security and reasonableness, you have complete control over what you can do with your website. We make sure all of the software that runs your website is up-to-date and that your website is backed up every day. You know… just in case.

Easy To Leave

This is somewhat counterintuitive, but we make it easy for you to leave nelson.HOST and go somewhere else. Just take a backup and restore it somewhere else! Why? We believe you’ll be too delighted with our service and support to go anywhere else. 

Chanage The World

That may sound audacious to you, but remember… the Internet is nearly universally accessible. With the right platform and the right message, you really can change the world!